Business Units Overview

Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited is organized into four major divisions: Lottery Systems, Identification Systems, Payment Systems and Shareholder Services.

Lottery Systems started over 25 years ago to provide governments and their lottery agencies with interesting, profitable, well run lottery games based on integrity, credibility and suitability, backed by the reputation of Canadian Bank Note as an internationally renown security printer and currency supplier.

Starting with printing lottery tickets and instant game tickets CBN Lottery Systems quickly expanded into the development of online lottery systems providing complete turnkey packages of software, hardware, secure network products, hosting services, including creative game design and lottery management services.

Identification Systems is dedicated to making the world a safer place with the creation of identity and travel documents systems. Based on CBN's security printing expertise to produce identity documents such as passports and visas, it has expanded into complete identification issuance systems including highly secure printed passports, e-passports, visas and identity cards on both paper and polycarbonate materials.

Identification Systems has developed sophisticated multidimensional barcodes and other features that are machine readable in CBN designed electronic document readers, with encrypted data and information crossing highly secure computer networks. Identification Systems products also include driver's license and vehicle registration systems, border control systems and vital statistics documents and secure database technologies.

Payment Systems conducts the original core business of CBN of high-security printing of banknotes, postage stamps, revenue stamps, travellers' cheques, government bonds, high security coupons, and other monetary products for customers around the world. Payment Systems combines the latest in printing technology, presses, paper and plastic substrates, specialty inks with traditional intaglio techniques going back hundreds of years.

Shareholder Services is also an original core business of CBN. This division provides traditional security printing services including intaglio printing to the corporate marketplace. Shareholder Services prints high security financial documents such as share certificates and corporate bonds with counterfeit-resistant intaglio vignettes. Shareholder Services also specializes in printing legal and financial documents for start-ups, public offerings, prospectuses and other commercial printing, plus top quality full colour printing of annual reports and marketing materials. They also provide complete fulfillment and mailroom services to quickly distribute printed material to shareholders and customers.

While each division provides products and services to their respective business sector, they contribute to the success of each other with an important cross-fertilization of ideas, techniques and procedures. The intaglio process of security printing of currency is used in the creation of identification documents such as passports. The highly-secure computer networks developed for lotteries are a significant asset in connecting passport readers from Identification Systems to respective core databases.