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Our Solutions
Since 1897 Canadian Bank Note has been developing security solutions designed to keep counterfeiting and fraud at bay. Our complete, end-to-end turnkey identification solutions are tailored to the exact needs of each customer. Typically comprised of security documents, electronic readers, IT systems and databases, our solutions address the need for both security and facilitation. They are flexible and scalable to easily accommodate future expansion. Our commitment does not end with system installation. We pay particular attention to continued consulting, training, and support services to meet our customers' needs.

Our Approach
Our solutions-based philosophy is predicated upon an open and consultative approach to business. We identify problems and issues then provide solutions utilizing the appropriate blend of proven technologies, application software and human resources.

Time is spent at the outset of our engagement to ensure a clear and mutual understanding of the current business processes, system architecture, problems and issues. A tailored solution is developed to our clients' requirements based on our comprehensive solution knowledge. During the entire project, we encourage and facilitate an open dialogue with our customers and relevant stakeholders to ensure high satisfaction. Our growing list of references attests to our long-term partnership approach, the hallmark of our success.

Our Target: Protection against Security Threats
Identification documents and systems face several major security threats; such as:
  • deletion/ alteration of data
  • photo-substitution
  • counterfeiting of complete documents or parts of documents
  • theft of genuine document blanks
  • identity theft
  • impostors
  • malfeasance of staff
CBN's complete security approach includes documents, systems and processes to provide protection against all security threats.

Our Scope and Reach
We believe that advanced security includes an integrated value chain from design through integration and deployment to ongoing service and support. Our solutions are built on a solid foundation comprised of expertise in all disciplines:
  • research, development and design
  • systems integration
  • production
  • personalization and distribution
  • project management
  • customer support

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