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The design, production and issuance of highly secure documents are the roots of Canadian Bank Note's over 100-year old heritage. Throughout our history, we have excelled at improving the security of our identification documents. We address document security threats with a variety of technologies, including security printing features and modern technology such as laser engraving, biometrics, smart card technology and many more.

Security Threats
Identification documents face several major security threats; such as:

  • deletion/alteration of data
  • photo-substitution
  • counterfeiting of complete document or parts of the document
  • theft of genuine document blanks
  • imposters

Since no one security measure provides protection against all threats, CBN applies a combination of different features and techniques to offer optimal security.

CBN places special emphasis on exceptional document design. Equipped with state of the art hardware and software available only to security printers, our designers are world renowned for their artistic high security work. Working closely with our customers we often include local designers as members of our team. Besides creating document integrity through security features our document designs are aesthetically pleasing, reflective of national symbols, motifs and colors, and are ultimately a source of national pride. It is this rare ability to combine security science and art that differentiates CBN's design capabilities.

Based on our identification document expertise, our customers often approach us for advice on document security and design. Independent of any substrate, material and production technology or suppliers, we are uniquely positioned to offer consulting, training and secure document design services that are objective and provide enduring value: