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Abrazo, the Spanish word for "embrace", is the remarkable new on-line lottery system from CBN. Abrazo is a complete redesign of our original 1992 lottery system incorporating the latest in web technologies. It reflects our many years of operating experience and moves our products far beyond older technologies.

Instant new games
Abrazo's gaming engine and game categories are implemented as configurable sets of libraries. As a result, a new game of a known class can be created in a matter of minutes. No separate testing is required because all functions of the engine responsible for its execution have already been tested extensively. The net results for the Abrazo system lottery operator are the following:
  • Flexibility: Special, ad hoc, or commemorative games can be created whenever desired, even for short periods of time, including a single draw, and with no development effort.
  • Excellent quality of gaming experience: Because there is no development required to create a new game, there is no risk of adverse effects of development, such as bugs or deployment errors.
  • New categories of games can be introduced easily and simply, by adding new libraries of objects. This does not affect the existing functionality of the gaming engine, and guarantees system extensibility.
New value-added revenue streams
The unique Abrazo design feature of libraries provides new revenue possibilities for our customers' computer terminals. They can:
Abrazo can utilize the scanning and printing capability of its terminals to ensure that these services are as secure as issuing and redeeming lottery tickets.

Network maturity and flexibility
Based on TCP/IP (an open protocol), Abrazo can be adapted to run in many different network infrastructures, including DSL, WiFi, and satellite networks. This new-generation on-line lottery system has been designed and developed at a time when networks and network security are already well understood. The result is a set of unique features, usually described as "network maturity."

Use of the IP family of protocols allows the Abrazo system to draw on the networking experience accumulated during the explosive growth of the Internet. The result is a simple, robust, and self-adjusting network layer. This supports reliable operation based on multiple geographically dispersed Network Operations Centres.

On the security layer, the Abrazo system's design brings it beyond proprietary schemes used by legacy systems. Each security component (PKI infrastructure, multi-layer encryption, multi-factor authentication, etc.) is the best of its kind, standards based and proven extensively. The Abrazo system offers the degree of security usually found only on the best military and government networks.

Open standards
Abrazo adheres to open standards and incorporates many industry standard software components. This provides flexibility and saves costs, while improving quality. Open standards are widely deployed and tested thoroughly. We have used open standards software in many installations with excellent results. However, we will not hesitate to use commercial proprietary software, if required.

Effective support
Abrazo is hosted on industry-standard, inexpensive, high quality, and widely available computer servers. We use very sophisticated techniques to achieve data redundancy and high availability. Because the hardware is off-the-shelf, we can be more cost-effective in providing maintenance and support, and we can more fully utilize both local and national service companies. We can also employ and train effective support personnel who are hired locally.

Swift deployment
Because we use off-the-shelf hardware, industry-standard protocols, and available commercial networks, CBN can deploy a new installation with relative ease and speed. It is also possible to host Abrazo remotely in today's networked world. We can run a central site system using CBN's existing servers in a data centre elsewhere. As soon as the communications are set up at the retailer sites and the terminals are deployed in the field, the lottery is operational.

We thus have the option to set up a lottery quickly, prior to having a local data centre. When the local centre is ready, then systems operation can be moved to it.

Screen samples
The following are some samples of Abrazo screens.