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Coupon-Inspection (19K)Canadian Bank Note supports the customisation of all our products to meet the unique needs of our customers. With comprehensive capabilities from design concept through to finished product and a strategy of implementing the best technologies regardless of source, we can provide complete end-to-end production and system services. A key strength of CBN is the complete integration of our capabilities, giving us the ability to provide secure product, with tailor made systems and services.

Research and Development

CBN has a long history in R&D and a steadily growing commitment in this regard. We are able to form "virtual" teams drawn from across the company and with a wide range of expertise including:
  • Security specialists experienced in adversarial analysis of security products and the methods and materials best suited to minimize threats
  • Materials scientists specializing in high security printing inks and ink properties, substrates, adhesives and other components
  • Manufacturing specialists operating in a versatile and well equipped multi-product facility
  • Designers creating award-winning designs with world-class security features.
  • Software engineers designing secure networks, Virtual Private Networks, databases and integrated systems.
  • Hardware engineers with unique expertise in machine reading technologies.
  • Marketing and support specialists with a focus on understanding customer needs Our ability to understand customer needs and requirements and then form multi-disciplinary teams to develop effective solutions is core to our ability to offer customized products and services in the payment area.