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We know the rules; we know what works with what regulator. It's part of CBN's expertise. Each stock exchange and securities regulator has strict guidelines that must be followed to ensure the authenticity of the security to be traded or sold. The designers at Canadian Bank Note are able to create a legal document that reflects the personality or core values of your company while complying with the requirements of the regulators.

CBN's Shareholders' product line incorporates many printing security features to combat today's counterfeiters. Steel engraved vignettes, intaglio printing, unique watermarked papers, fluorescing inks, and micro-lettering are a few of the deterrents employed to prevent unauthorized changes or duplication of these documents. As printers of banknotes for many countries including Canada, CBN understands security and has the resources to complete a secure job.

Our subsidiary, CBN Commercial Solutions, manufactures custom printed products to serve a wide range of corporate communication and direct marketing needs. This includes quarterly and annual reports, associated documents for publicly traded companies, corporate profiles and sustainability reports. The people in this facility have developed skills and processes to produce unique projects using a wide range of papers and some plastics. Many of the projects printed by CBN Commercial Solutions have won awards for the quality and uniqueness of the piece. Creative packaging, mailing and fulfillment services, distribution and warehousing are also services offered to our clients. The plant has implemented many of Canadian Bank Note's security procedures and is capable of providing confidential services for financial, educational and marketing needs.