Passport Solutions

Passport Solutions

Beautiful, personalized, and highly secure travel documents

A well-designed travel document is incredibly secure and allows for efficient processing through a modern border management system. It’s also a symbol of national pride for its citizens and establishes a bond of trust between the nation issuing the travel document and those reading it. Our document design and manufacturing is founded on a 100-year security printing heritage. We boast a proven track record in addressing document security threats with technological innovations in design, manufacturing, printing, biometrics and smart card technology. Our solutions are constantly evolving to counter new and emerging security threats and we work closely with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to ensure our customers’ documents exceed international standards.







Personalization technology


Customer software


System design


Training & support

Reliable passport design and construction

A passport development and design team with proven international expertise will work with you to develop a passport solution that meets your security and operational needs. Each includes a comprehensive set of security features and options (both visible and hidden) to offer a multi-faceted defense against alteration and counterfeiting.

Here are just some examples of the technology we can put into place:

Man grips a stack of passports in hands ready to hold them together with elastic band
  • Multi-colour intaglio printing, rainbow printing and multi-colour invisible printing
  • Latent and transient images, see through registration, fine line guilloche patterns and anti-copy features
  • Optically variable inks, metallic inks, UV inks, IR transparent inks and IR opaque inks
  • Patented, secure, durable hinge construction, laser perforation of pages, laser etching of bio-page, variable tactile laser engraving, static embossed
    tactility and anti-page substitution measures
  • TransPortal and uniPortal window features
  • UV twisted sewing threads
  • Incorporation of chip technology and related software including EAC, and SAC
  • Frangible, high security laminates
  • Electrotype watermark page numbers
  • Mould-made paper
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