More about currency

More about currency

Stunning designs and cutting-edge security

Introducing a new currency design is a complex project that starts and finishes with our customer’s unique requirements. We learn how your existing banknote series has performed so we can determine how to improve on its security, durability, accessibility and functionality. Then our scientists and production team counter security threats with innovations in substrates, inks, coatings and more.

Supplied the Bank of Canada since 1935

More than 30 countries supplied

Design and print polymer, composite and paper banknotes

Our world-class design team brings national pride to life with sophisticated and beautiful renderings of cultural icons

Whether it’s inspirational landscapes, historical events or influential citizens, their subject matter research is impeccable. Our designers spend time in a country; they take photographs, sketch and interview locals to gain a true understanding of the nation they will depict. But don’t let the beauty of the work deceive you—the intricate and subtle layers of pattern and colour are incredibly important to the security of a note.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with us

After a note is introduced into the market, we are able to conduct a thorough performance analysis. We take samples from the field and assess the durability, functionality and readability of the notes. And of course, we work with local law enforcement to review how well the notes have withstood security threats.



Research & Objective Setting


Analysis & Planning; Stakeholder Consultation


Banknote Design; Production & Testing


Launch Support


Post-launch Analysis & Support

Secure production facilities

Our secure production facilities are fully equipped with state-of-the art machinery and an exceptional staff that knows the importance of impeccable quality control. We have dedicated testing and R&D capabilities that complement our production capabilities, ensuring complete flexibility and responsiveness. Strict business continuity measures and redundancies are in place to ensure we consistently meet our customers’ needs.

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