You’re in a business where everything simply has to work. From customer service software, to cameras, to signature capture equipment, to payment stations—accuracy is essential and efficiency a must. With public perception and security at stake, you need a partner with exceptional capabilities and a big picture view. Let’s talk.

Understanding your business is just the beginning

Motor vehicle and driver information systems are extremely complex. They are mission-critical, and require a thorough understanding of current business processes, needs and constraints. Our work begins with a detailed analysis and continues into a customized set of solutions built for your needs. Every system is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the inevitable changes that come with growth and time.

A document you can trust

For every project, we start with a thorough analysis to determine the right level of document security for your market. For some governments, this means passport-like security features that make a driver’s license the most trusted form of identification after a passport. CBN was the first to introduce this level of security into driver’s license cards in North America, and we back that with state-of-the-art solutions that are equally secure

North America’s first polycarbonate driver’s license

Drivers licensing and motor vehicle information systems deployed globally

Award-winning designs


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Francine Roy

Vice President, Systems Architecture and Strategic Solutions

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